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I brought in my year-old Mazda3 after a dead tree branch made some pretty nasty dents all over and knocked the mirror clean off. Terex was priced competitively with other places that wouldn’t have done half as good of a job. Instead, Andy was courteous and helpful and made sure my car looked like new — in much less time than he quoted me (8-10 days turned into 5)! They really did the work to make sure my car looked great — definitely above and beyond service. My car looks like new and I couldn’t be happier!

“5 Star Service” 

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 1600 W. Howard Ln 
Austin, TX 78728
​(512) 250-9316

I needed a new bumper on my Lexus because of one too many oops. I asked if they could find me a refurbished bumper to help keep cost down. They did. I brought my car in before going out of town for a week and they let me keep it there until I returned. When I got back the bumper looked great, my car was clean inside and out and best of all the quote they gave me was the actual price. These guys are friendly, professional and affordable!

The service here is amazing.

Everyone you have to talk to really wants to help you out and really knows what they’re talking about. The owner himself, Rex, drove me to the rental place to get a car after I dropped off my car at his shop. My 2013 Scion FR-S was there for hail damage. It needed a new hood, roof, trunk, and some PDR on the rest of the panels. My car was almost flawless when I picked it up. I noticed that the front bumper wasn’t aligned just right, but they fixed it on the spot, and everything they touch has a lifetime warranty. The whole experience was pretty painless. I highly recommend them. Do yourself a favor and talk to Dan and Rex before you go anywhere else.

Terex did a great job negotiating with the insurance company and restoring our 9-year-old car to almost new condition. They detailed the interior and vacuumed up hay that I never could get out!

Highly recommended!

Terex is the best body shop in Austin!

The service is fast and friendly. The owner Rex is a really nice guy. So nice, that he let me bring in my own bumper, and only charged me paint and labor! Not a lot of shops will allow that. He even has an arrangement with a rental car company to get you a rental while your car is in the shop! This is a really stand up no BS auto body shop!

Seriously, who doesn’t dread dealing with car repair! I started with the dealership who quoted me more than twice what Terex quoted me in price and turn-around time. Terex returned my car in two days and picked me up at home (with an infant) to help me pick up my car. I was completely satisfied and Terex deserves a shout out for outstanding service. I wouldn’t hope car trouble on anybody, but if you have any body work that needs repair…let Terex take care of it. You’ll be happy with the price, turn-around time and the work is outstanding. Plus…they guaranty their work! Nothing like family owned and operated! Use Terex. They are awesome!


I have silver 2004 Mazda RX-8, which is a very unique car in the way its engine works. Not only did they fix the body damage I got from rear-ending a truck, they also fixed the radiator & air intake and cleaned & checked the rest of the engine like a dealership… I’ve had it back for a while now and have had no problems.

I also had a custom hi-flow grille in all four front sections of the car’s nose that got pretty demolished in the accident. I don’t know if they ordered a new grille or somehow fixed and repainted the old one, but it looks like it did when I first installed the grille! Awesome!

I also had custom clear side indicators that matched the silver paint of the body, instead of the default orange ones. They made sure I got my car back with new clear custom indicators as well!

IN ADDITION, when they replaced the front light that got shattered in the accident, they also replaced the other light so that they matched. My previously scratched and dimmed plastic lights are now both clear, brand new lights!

I would highly recommend this shop to anyone. And don’t be put off by the industrial warehouses that surround it… I guess they pass on the savings on low rent to the customer. I thought my car was totaled because of the extent of the damage, but they quoted a low price to my insurance that made my car salvageable, and I have my baby back looking better than before!